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  • Beginner to advanced

  • 5 year olds and up (reading age)

  • Beginning adults and those returning-to-the-piano

  • Music theory, sight reading, ear training

  • Solid keyboard fundamentals

  • Classical curriculum plus options for popular, jazz, religious, duet and 2-piano music

  • Winter and spring recitals

  • Side-by-side studio grand pianos

  • Studio hours:  9 am to 7 pm

  • Lesson Readiness

  • When considering a younger child's readiness for lessons, their reading level and ability to focus is critical.  Many high school students enjoy adding music to their busy lives (visit my Soundcloud tracks to hear samples).   Young and old can and should take up the piano for all it's benefits.  Fun, interesting, and well-paced lesson material are keys to success.


My Teaching

Music has always been an important part of my life.  Growing up, I looked for every opportunity to spend time on the piano so practicing was not a chore.  In my formal studies I have earned degrees in performance and sacred music.


Sharing music in all it's aspects is a great joy to me which explains the variety of music experiences:   playing string bass through college, directing choirs of all ages, teaching  music in school settings, etc.  Currently I  perform for church services, weddings, and funerals as requested.  I accompany high school students from Austin area schools in UIL competitions. 

My goal in piano teaching is to help children and adults, beginners to advanced, explore and expand their abilities.  A key to achieving that goal is to establish a comfortable but challenging learning pace unique to the student.  Teaching materials I use are of the classical tradition supplemented with light jazz, popular and sacred music, dependent on student preference.  I use the 2nd grand piano in my studio to teach a variety of 2-piano pieces as well as concerti. 


To achieve success at the piano it is essential to learn fundamentals:  note reading, sight reading, theory, ear-training, techniques of the masters, playing styles of the different musical time periods, a playing knowledge of chords, and music history.  In addition to weekly theory assignments and keyboard skills,  students are exposed to all of these elements as they apply to music being studied.  As the opportunity arises I assist students in choice and preparation music for special school or church events.  Students perform in 2-3 studio recitals every year and have the option of participating in festivals & events of the Austin District Music Assn. and Texas Music Teachers Assn. (of which I am a member).  


When not engaged with music you may find me playing with my Welsh corgis, Piper and Bigby!   Piper loves the students and stays nearby as they play.  Bigby is shy but you might catch a glimpse of him at a distance.  Morley, my cat, occasionally relaxes on the second grand piano.

Those who become musicians express music from their hearts.   Composer Ralph Vaughan Williams said, "The art of music above all the other arts is the expression of the soul of a nation."   May the soul of our nation be even more beautiful as we play and enjoy the art of the piano.


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"My son started piano lessons with Mrs. Dolan last year, and we are amazed at how much he has learned in only six months.   She is very patient and clearly has a passion for music and for teaching."  

"Mrs. Dolan is an amazing piano teacher.  My daughter surpassed in 9 months what took me 3 years to learn when I was taking piano!" 

"Thank you for giving the gift of music to our daughter.  She has found joy, confidence and strength.  You’ve given her more than 30 minutes a week and we are so grateful." 

"Your confidence in my son's ability is pulling him forward with his skills just like I'd hoped;  you are the perfect teacher for him!" 

"Mrs. Dolan is an awesome instructor! From the time we met, I had a sense of a great teacher student connection.  One of my retirement goals was to invest in a piano and learn to play.  This would be a challenge for sure but Mrs. Dolan has accepted me as a challenge and I am expecting my love for piano music and Mrs. Dolan's teaching skills will fulfill my dream of playing the piano.  The best is yet to come!!!" 

"I recommend Mrs. Dolan highly.  I hadn’t played in 65 years and am happy with my progress."

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